Artist as Explorer

Public Collections

  • Chrysler Art Museum, Permanent Collection, Norfolk, VA 1976
  • Mint Art Museum, Curatorial Collection, Charlotte, NC 1987
  • Winthrop College, Permanent Collection, Rockhill, SC 1988
  • Saks Fifth Avenue, Corporate Collection, New York  


  • "Not Strictly a Painter", art therapy with disturbed teenagers, PBS Documentary, Seattle, WA 1971
  • "Top of the Day", interview with a painter in his studio, ABC TV, Charlotte, N.C. 1981  

Publications and Statements

  • "Art with a Punch", article in Creative Loafing, written by John Rogers, 1989
  • "During the last twenty years his work has reflected the changing spirituality of the artist himself. His work is a coming together of the spiritual world and the physical world reflected in the natural grace of the primal mind," Bailey Shane Collier, writer
  • "The Paul Gauguin of the Northwest," Tom Robbins, author
  • "The greatest natural painter I've ever met," Paul Heald, Seattle artist
  • "The visionary Van Gogh of the Sonoran Desert," overheard at the Tubac Center for the Arts
  • "He is both a shaman and an artist," Susanne Reed, teacher, photographer, writer
  • "Visionary art for those who can tell the difference," David Roe  


  • Purchase Award North West Annual, Clement Greenberg, Juror, Seattle 1969
  • Edmonds Art Festival, Juror's Choice, Edmonds, WA 1970
  • North West Water Color Society, Juror's Choice, Seattle, WA 1973
  • Tubac Center for the Arts, Award of Merit, Tubac, AZ Spring 1990
  • Tubac Center for the Arts, Award of Merit, Tubac, AZ, Fall 1990
  • Tubac Center for the Arts, Award of Merit, Tubac, AZ, Fall 1991
  • Church of the Beatitudes, Annual Competition, Phoenix, AZ 1991
  • Hundreds of collectors coast to coast, corporate and private, including: President Jimmy Carter....Author Tom Robbins....Spokesman David Hartman
  • Volunteer Award for Teaching Art at the AZ State Schools for the Deaf and Blind, Tucson, 1993
  • Tubac Center for the Arts, Best of Show, Tubac, AZ, Fall 1993
  • Tubac Festival of the Arts, Honorable Mention, Tubac, AZ, 1997
  • 39th Annual Showcase of the Arts, Honorable Mention, Tubac, AZ, Winter 1998
  • Members Show, Tubac Center for the Arts, Award of Excellence, Tubac, AZ, 1999
  • Arizona Aqueous XVIII, Award of Merit, Tubac, AZ, Spring 2003
  • Arizona Aqueous XXI, Honorable Mention of Merit, Tubac, AZ, Spring 2006
  • Arizona Aqueous XXII, Tubac, AZ, Spring 2007
  • Arizona Aqueous Signature Member, February 2007

Exhibition Credits

  • Quinta del Sol, One Man Show, Seattle, WA 1970
  • Omnus Gallery, One Man Show, Seattle, WA 1971
  • Ojai Art Center, One Man Show, Ojai, CA 1971
  • Johnson Home, One Man Show, La Conner, WA 1974
  • Abbenhouse Home, One Man Show, Seattle, WA 1975
  • Queens College Gallery, Two Man Show, Charlotte, NC 1983
  • Modern Primitive Art Gallery, Resident Artist, Charlotte, NC 1986
  • Congress St. Gallery, Resident Artist, Charlotte, NC, 1983
  • Stetter Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ 1990
  • Church of the Beatitudes, Annual Competition, Phoenix, AZ 1991
  • Knight Gallery, Spirit Square, Scheduled Exhibition of Sonoran Paintings, Charlotte, NC 1992
  • Karen Newby Gallery, Tubac, AZ 1992
  • A Southwest Gallery, Seattle, WA 1992
  • Sixth Congress Gallery, Tucson, AZ 1992
  • White Wolf Gallery, Resident Artist, Tucson, AZ 1993
  • The Living Gallery, One Man Show, Tucson, AZ 1994
  • Horse of a Different Color, Patagonia, AZ 1994
  • The Upper Gallery, One Man Show, Tucson, AZ 1995
  • Old Pueblo Gallery, One Man Show, Tucson, AZ June 1998
  • Invitation to participate in Euro-Art ’99, Barcelona, Spain October 1999
  • Member Show, Tubac Center of the Arts, Tubac, AZ 2003
  • Member Juried Show, Tubac Center of the Arts, AZ   2005
  • Old Pueblo Gallery, Tucson, AZ, 2000-2007
  • Tubac Center for the Arts, ‘From Your Walls to Ours’, Tubac, AZ, Spring 2007
  • Tubac Center for the Arts, ‘Attitudes & Latitudes’, Members’ Show, Tubac, AZ Fall 2007
  • Victor Stevens Studio/Gallery, Tubac, AZ, working studio and finished work, 2007
  • Tubac Center for the Arts, 38th Members’ Juried Exhibition, Tubac, AZ Winter 2008
  • The Human Society of Southern Arizona, “We’ve Got Heart” Show, February 2008
  • Tubac Center for the Arts, ‘The Human Element’, Tubac, AZ, Spring 2008
  • Tubac Center for the Arts, “The Forge and the Press”, Tubac, AZ,  Fall 2008
  • Dry Heat Trading Company/Canyon Ranch Resort, Tucson, AZ, currently showing work
  • L. A. Jewelry, Green Valley, currently showing work
  • Arizona Aqueous Show XXIII, signature member, Winter 2009

Artist Statement:

I attended the Cornish School of Fine Arts in Seattle, Washington, back in the sixties…painted in the northwest for eleven years…lived next to the Swinomish Reservation for three years…then moved to the Southeast and painted for another twelve years.  While visiting the Sonoran Desert in December 1989, I heard the desert call my name to move here and paint.  I now have a home and studio on a hill thirty minutes south of Tucson in a place called Sahuarita right in the middle of the Sonoran.  The Sonoran has been a most powerful muse for me.  It is the first environment since the Northwest to have a tremendous impact on me…influencing my art through osmosis… the Sonoran Desert flows through me, offering its essence which becomes my vision. I have never celebrated so much color in my work until painting in the Southwest (the Sonoran).

My subject matter is landscape, shamanic figures, animals, and the power I find in the land that reflects this beautiful place on earth.  I’ve been called a visionary, but it’s not true…I’m an explorer.  The adventure of art for me is to discover through materials a way to bring a new and different eye to an every day idea e.g., A Yaquie Deer Dancer or a Mountain Landscape.  To a certain degree I paint the way a Yaquie Deer Dancer appears however, my emphasis is to reach for the essence, the magic, the transformation, the unseen, the natural blending with the supernatural.  I know I always fall short of the mark.  However, I leave a record of my exploring, reaching, and aiming.  My goal is not to paint a picture but rather to paint a window into a universe often obscure from everyday eyes.  Sometimes I start with painting a very graphic image of the land, a person, an animal. Then, I negate the obvious to separate, distinguish, define, and discover.  I don’t seek because seeking implies one knows the image sought.  Instead, I eventually discover a vision, an essence, a secret waiting below the surface. I paint, paint until a little voice says, “Whoa!  Take a look, Victor.  It’s Father Kino.  It’s an angel. Then, if it calls for I refine the image, tighten the image, and bring the work into focus.  Now the paint is talking. But words are not enough.  The painting must have a resonance, a depth that goes beyond words or pictures.  Then the work can leave the studio.  Making art for me is an act of wonderment and wonder is a large part of my religion. Within that wonder is the seat of my humility and having a relationship with the creator.  

St. Francis